Mission Statement

Relentless and uncompromising efforts in efficient management of resources and skills by all stakeholders in the journey towards sustainable development, accountable governance and emancipated life.


RPMC is an independent, multidisciplinary consulting organization based in Bangladesh. RPMC was founded in 1990 as a single ownership entity, and then in 1994 it was incorporated as a limited company with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, Bangladesh. Its head office and several project offices are located in Dhaka; other fully-equipped project offices are located outside Dhaka. RPMC employs about 250 professionals, 50 technical sub-professionals, and 80 administrative support staff in ongoing projects. At its headquarters, RPMC maintains core administrative staff comprising 20 members, and senior professionals, numbering about ten for management, supervision and backstopping services to projects, and also for short-term assignments.


RPMC provides technical and management services to all major development sectors encompassing both public and private sector development activities. It offers comprehensive services in areas including identification, planning, design, implementation, management, technology transfer, institution and capacity building, out sourcing professionals and sub-professionals to GOB, private sectors and international agencies, and human resource development. Nevertheless, the firm prefers to involve in-house professionals and associate consultants as far as possible to increase ownership to the projects.


RPMC has been involved in more than 174 projects of which about a third have been outside of Bangladesh: in Pakistan, India, China, Nepal, North Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Myanmar, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Laos, Iran, Italy, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Moldova, Turkey, Yemen, the Gambia and Afghanistan. Currently, RPMC is involved in implementation of 14 major ongoing projects. Clients of RPMC include ADB, CIDA, Danida, EU, GTZ, IDA, IDB, IFAD, JBIC, UNDDSMS, UNDP, UNOPS, UNHCR and the World Bank.


RPMC is registered with various multi-lateral and bi-lateral aid / donor agencies and GOB ministries, departments and agencies. More information on RPMC Ltd. can be found at its website: http://www.rpmcl.net.

RPMC provides technical and management services to all the major sectors of development. More specifically, the firm offers comprehensive specialist services in the areas of:  

Water Resources Development and Management


Infrastructure Development and Rehabilitation


Rural and Disadvantaged Area Development


Disaster Assessment and Risk Management


Climate Change and Environmental Management


Urban and Regional Development


Agriculture Development


Environmental Management


Fisheries Development


Livestock and Wildlife Development


Education and Human Resource Development


Project Preparation and Management Services


The Company is able to offer the highest level of consultancy services in the field of rural and urban infrastructure, small and large water resources development, rural development, agriculture, education, poverty alleviation, environment, fisheries and livestock, human resources development and training, etc. The staff members employed by the Company are highly qualified and vastly experienced in their own particular fields of expertise.

Moreover, the Company maintains a retinue of highly qualified specialists who are on-call for any specialised services requiring expert involvement. In addition, a large number of qualified technical and office support staff are employed by the Company.

The major professional categories include (alphabetically):

Agronomists / Agriculturists

Civil Engineers

Community Development Specialists

Cooperatives and Beneficiary Mobilization Specialists

Credit / Micro-finance Specialists

Disaster Management Specialists

Economists / Financial Analysts

Educationalists / HRD and Training Specialists

Electrical Engineers

Environment / Netural Resources Management Specialists / Forestry Specialists

Fisheries and Aquaculture Specialists

Gender and Development Specialists

Institutional Development Specialists

Land Acquisition / Social Safeguard Specialists

Legal Affairs Experts

Livestock Specialists

M&E / Project Management Experts

Mechanical Engineers

Micro-Enterprise / IGA Specialists

MIS / GIS Specialists

Participatory Development Specialists

Procurement Specialists

Public Awareness Specialists

Resettlement and Social Safeguards Specialists

Roads and Highway Engineers

Rural Development Specialists

Sociologists / Social Analysts

Software and Hardware Engineers
Soils and Land Use Experts

Structural Design and Foundation Engineers

Water Resources Engineers / Hydrologists

Water Supply & Sanitation / Municipal Engineers


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